Infantry Memorandum (Second World War)


Infantry Training Memorandum was was a pamphlet series in which individual booklets were published annually or semi-annually. The publication schedule was dependent on the amount of new information that needed to be distributed to each officer and cadet in the infantry - to include reconnaissance, rifle, machine gun, motor, airborne, parachute, and army tank battalions. These memoranda were designed to inform the reader of new (or changes to) tactics and doctrine being used by the Army at that time. The Canadian Memorandum was a reprint of the applicable British manual and both types of publications were used concurrently.1 The pamphlets were widely distributed in the Canadian Army during the Second World War.


Issue Contents
No. 1  
No. 2 Mar 1943
  • The School of Infantry - What it is
  • Firm Doctrine
    • Notes on recent development in British infantry tactics
    • Fire positions, fire orders and fire control
    • The use of the camouflage helmet net
    • Consolidation of duties for section, platoon and company commanders
  • Experimental
    • The rifle section organized into three groups
    • Vanguard
No. 3 May 1944
  • The Night Attack
  • Reliefs in the Line
No. 4 Jul 1944
  • Reorganization
  • Corrections to Infantry Training Pamphlets
No. 5 May 1945
  • The Night Attack
  • Reliefs in the Line
No. 6 Apr 1945 (issued before No. 5)
  • The Firm Base
  • Defence
No. 7 Jul 1945
  • Ground and Battle


  1.  Article and photos by Ed Storey. 1999-present