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The site was originally designed for viewing on Mozilla at a screen resolution of 1024x768. With the advent of widescreen monitors, and now the proliferation of handheld browsers (phones, tablets, etc.) the users may find the site yields less than optimal page views.

Site Conventions

  • All maps are oriented with north at the top unless otherwise indicated.

  • The use of abbreviations had originally been avoided as far as possible, with the exception of:

    • Months, which at one time always appeared in 3-letter abbreviated form except in direct quotes; these are being edited back to the full form now that bandwidth and storage limitations are largely a thing of the past.

    • Provinces, which always appear in the current 2-letter abbreviations used by the post office (in decades past, longer abbreviations such as Alta., Sask., Man., Ont., were used; these have been deleted in favour of the modern AB, SK, MB, ON except in direct quotes)

  • Pages dealing with specific corps/regiments/branches/units are generally indicated by the final approved name of the unit, with lineage indicated in an introductory section of the article. For example, 1st Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment was the final name of a unit known previously as Kangaroo Squadron, 1st Canadian Armoured Personnel Carrier Squadron and 1st Canadian Armoured Personnel Carrier Regiment between August 1944 and December 1944. Only one article is included on the site, using the final name granted in December 1944.

  • Modern spelling will be used where possible, i.e. Sergeant rather than the archaic Serjeant

  • Dates may be given in the format dd mmm yyyy where dd is the day, mmm is the 3 letter abbreviation for the month, and yyyy is the year.

  • The 24 hour clock was not adopted until 1918; "a.m." and "p.m." are generally used in First World War articles for that reason; likewise distances are given in yards and miles for articles whose subjects deal with matters taking place before the metric system was adopted by Canada.

  • Code names for exercises and operations are usually indicated in all-capitals, i.e. Operation OVERLORD.

  • Use of past tense is used exclusively for consistency, even when in reference to units, ranks, concepts, etc., that have survived into the 21st Century. This should not be taken to imply ignorance of the existence of current military units, ranks, etc., but has been done as a stylistic choice since the site is firmly a look at past history.


All material on the site is protected by copyright. Permission is usually granted to those requesting use of images or text for other projects, with the proviso that canadiansoldiers.com is recognized as the source of the material. Quotes of the copyrighted material of others are used under free use laws, and are indicated by inline text or inline references. Some photographs deemed to be in the public domain are used on the site and an attempt has been made to identify them/credit them appropriately. Please contact the site's webmaster, Michael Dorosh, with any concerns using the contact info in the header, above.



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