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In many ways, a cap badge was a soldier's most prized possession; in 1939 it was often the only identifying insignia a soldier wore.  Cap badges, like other metal insignia, were approved by General Order.   In the main, badges for Other Ranks were made of brass, though many units used copper or white metal instead.  Some badges were "battle bronzed", or coated with a dull brown finish.  Officers in some regiments wore the same badge as the men, though in many the pattern was similar but the badge was chromed or even purchased in sterling silver (some of which were polished, some were left oxidize and darken).  A few organizations had completely separate patterns of badge for their officers.

Coloured cloth backings were often formally agreed on for cap badges, but not always seen in practice.  More information on cloth backings is given on the separate pages for headdress.

Thanks again to Bill Ellis for sharing some of the images you see on this page.

Corps Badge Variations Notes

Royal Canadian Artillery

caprca.jpg (10096 bytes)

Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers caprce.jpg (9715 bytes)    
Royal Canadian Corps of Signals

Info provided by DR Hildebrand, Curator, Military Communications and Electronics Museum.

caprccs.jpg (44964 bytes) rccsoff.jpg (299241 bytes)
Artifact and image courtesy Dwayne Hordij.

Other Ranks wore brass and white metal badges, while officers badges were in bronze and gilt.

Royal Canadian Army Service Corps

caprcasc.jpg (61300 bytes) Officer's Badges
rcascoff.jpg (299241 bytes)
Artifacts and image courtesy Dwayne Hordij.
Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps caprcamc.jpg (54052 bytes) Officer's Badge
rcamcoff.jpg (277369 bytes)
Artifact and image courtesy Dwayne Hordij.
Embroidered Nursing Sister's Badge
nurs.jpg (299241 bytes)
Artifact and image courtesy Dwayne Hordij.
Canadian Dental Corps capcadc.jpg (9654 bytes) Officer's Badge
cdcoff.jpg (299241 bytes)
Artifact and image courtesy Dwayne Hordij.

Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps

caprcoc.jpg (89636 bytes)

Officer's Badge
rcocoff.jpg (277369 bytes)
Artifact and image courtesy Dwayne Hordij.
Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers caprceme.jpg (23387 bytes)    
Canadian Technical Training Corps
capcttc.jpg (9978 bytes)
(Plastic variant)
capcttcv.jpg (6246 bytes)

Royal Canadian Army Veterinary Corps

caprcavc.jpg (4928 bytes)    
Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps caprcapc.jpg (61176 bytes)    
Corps of Military Staff Clerks capcmsc.jpg (10470 bytes)    

Canadian Postal Corps

capcpost.jpg (8178 bytes)    
Canadian Chaplain Service
(Christian faiths)
capchap.jpg (6445 bytes)
(Jewish faith)
capje.jpg (4071 bytes)

Canadian Forestry Corps capcfc.jpg (10473 bytes)    

Veterans Guard of Canada

capvg.jpg (73516 bytes) vet.jpg (9325 bytes)  
Canadian Provost Corps capprov.jpg (12752 bytes) rcmp11.jpg (13690 bytes)
No. 1 Company, formed from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, wore this RCMP cap badge.
capprovoff.jpg (52304 bytes)
Officer's Bronze badge courtesy Dwayne Hordij.
Canadian Parachute Corps cappara1.jpg (6147 bytes) (At left, Officers version in bimetal (note size difference) and plastic variant of the Other Ranks badge at right).
cappara.jpg (10578 bytes)
Other Ranks wore the cap badge in stamped brass, with officers wearing a bi-metal badge.  Plastic versions of this badge were also commonly worn during the late war years.
Canadian Women's Army Corps capcwac.jpg (53528 bytes) capcwacoff.jpg (28387 bytes)
Officer's badge courtesy Dwayne Hordij.
Canadian Infantry Corps capcic.jpg (5426 bytes)    
Canadian Intelligence Corps caprcic.jpg (58520 bytes)    

Canadian Armoured Corps

capcac2.jpg (12533 bytes) (Variant)
capcac.jpg (11714 bytes)
(Commonly referred to as the Canadian Armoured Fighting Vehicle Training Centre badge) 1999-present