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1st Canadian Tank Brigade Formation Insignia

Soldiers of the First Canadian Tank Brigade (later redesignated Armoured Brigade) wore a Ram badge on the upper left sleeve of Service Dress and Battle Dress uniforms.  The badges don't appear to have been worn overseas.1

Regimental shoulder titles were worn, probably from mid 1941 when the rest of the Army was designing and adopting similar titles.  The Tank Badge (described elsewhere) was worn on the right sleeve of Battle Dress and Service Dress.

The diamond shaped formation patches were adopted in late 1942.   Some units seem to have worn them in conjunction with the Canadian Armoured Corps title on the upper sleeve, others with a plain CANADA title.2

rambadge.jpg (37872 bytes)
Photo courtesy Bill Alexander

1bdepatches.gif (5750 bytes)
For further information, see the book DISTINGUISHING PATCHES by Clive M. Law, published by Service Publications.

1rcoc.jpg (6350 bytes)

1hq.jpg (11002 bytes)

1rcasc.jpg (7318 bytes)

ram.jpg (10942 bytes)
Artifacts and images courtesy Bill Alexander.

1ccs.jpg (6462 bytes)

1rcamc.jpg (10914 bytes)

hq1arm.jpg (35328 bytes)
Artifacts and photo courtesy Dwayne Hordij

The three tank/armoured regiments also used Formation patches with their unit designations on them for identification.  A second method of identification was the standard regimental shoulder title. 

Dwayne Hordij notes: "The 12 CTR appear to have tried an artillery style slip on patch...don't know if it was worn. The CTR patches are what was most commonly worn in italy....CAR patches might have been worn late in the Italy campaign (unsure). The 14 RCAR patch is definately 1945-1946......doubt it was ever worn."

Photos and artifacts in left column courtesy Bill Alexander, in right column courtesy Dwayne Hordij.

11th Canadian Army Tank Regiment (Ontario Regiment)

11car.jpg (90250 bytes) 11ctr.jpg (82215 bytes)
12th Canadian Army Tank Regiment (Three Rivers Regiment)
12car.jpg (113083 bytes) 12ctr.jpg (103915 bytes)
14th Canadian Army Tank Regiment (Calgary Regiment)
14car.jpg (132791 bytes) 14ctr.jpg (75321 bytes)

armlet.jpg (15234 bytes)
Armlet photo and artifact courtesy Dwayne Hordij.


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