Re-enactment in the broadest, most basic sense, is the recreation of past events. In terms of Military Re-enactment, the term has evolved to refer to a hobby recognized around the world. As stated in the history article linked to at right, the hobby gained public acceptance and widespread popularity through the efforts of American Civil War reenactors, with 20th Century topics seeing coverage in the mid 1970's in both the United States and Canada.

Re-enactment events are generally divided into two main categories:

  • Living History; where reenactors mix freely with spectators, showing living conditions and social aspects of military life in as authentic a manner as possible. May include demonstrations of fieldcraft and tactics, mock battles, static displays, encampments, etc.

  • Tactical Events; these are either private or public, and are a recreation of small-unit battles where weapons, vehicles and tactics are showcased, either for display, or as a competition between two or more groups of combatants. 1999-present