Rank and Responsibility

Table of Ranks & Responsibilities

Table of Ranks & Appointments

Staff Officers

Rank & Appt Abbreviations



►►Lieutenant General

►►Major General

►►Brigadier General

►►Brigadier (1928-1968)

►►Col.-Commandant (1922-1928)


►►Lieutenant Colonel




►►2nd Lieutenant

►►Officer Cadet

Warrant Officers

►►Chief Warrant Officer (1968-)

►►W.O. Class I (1915-1968)

►►Master Warrant Officer (1968-)

►►W.O. Class II (1915-1968)

►►Warrant Officer (1968-)

►►W.O. Class III (1939-1945)

Non-Commissioned Officers

►►Staff Sergeant (1900-1968)


►►Lance Sergeant (1900-1968)

►►Master Corporal (1968-2000+)


►►Lance Corporal  (1900-1968)

Non-Commissioned Mbrs (Men)




Master Gunner

Platoon Sergeant Major

Honorary Ranks


Colonel of the Regiment

Honorary Colonel

Colonel Commandant


Following the First World War, the rank of Brigadier General was briefly abolished in favour of a rank called "Colonel Commandant" in 1922. This rank was renamed as Brigadier in 1928.


The crossed baton and sabre was removed from the rank insignia and changed instead to a crown and three rank stars. These stars were often of a smaller size than that normally worn by lesser ranking officers, in order that they would fit, grouped as shown below, onto the shoulder straps of a uniform. The familiar staff gorgets were also abolished from all ranks below Colonel.1

Gorget patches were also worn by Brigadiers with silk gimp cord; the tabs were done in red, with the exception of officers serving in certain Corps as identified below.2

Brigadiers now also wore the same pattern cap badge as a Colonel rather than that of a General Officer.

(King's Crown)

(Queen's Crown)


It was extremely common for an officer to be promoted directly from Lieutenant Colonel to Brigadier in field formations, and the intervening rank of Colonel was not associated with any field command appointments and was also relatively rare among staff positions in the overseas army.

Post Unification

After Unification of the Armed Forces in 1968, the rank of Brigadier was once again replaced with that of Brigadier General.


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