Rank and Responsibility

Table of Ranks & Responsibilities

Table of Ranks & Appointments

Staff Officers

Rank & Appt Abbreviations



►►Lieutenant General

►►Major General

►►Brigadier General

►►Brigadier (1928-1968)

►►Col.-Commandant (1922-1928)


►►Lieutenant Colonel




►►2nd Lieutenant

►►Officer Cadet

Warrant Officers

►►Chief Warrant Officer (1968-)

►►W.O. Class I (1915-1968)

►►Master Warrant Officer (1968-)

►►W.O. Class II (1915-1968)

►►Warrant Officer (1968-)

►►W.O. Class III (1939-1945)

Non-Commissioned Officers

►►Staff Sergeant (1900-1968)


►►Lance Sergeant (1900-1968)

►►Master Corporal (1968-2000+)


►►Lance Corporal  (1900-1968)

Non-Commissioned Mbrs (Men)




Master Gunner

Platoon Sergeant Major

Honorary Ranks


Colonel of the Regiment

Honorary Colonel

Colonel Commandant


Colonel-in-Chief (not to be confused with "Commander-in-Chief", a title held by the Governor General) is an honorary titular head and patron of a regiment, corps or branch, almost always a member of the Royal Family, and appointed by the Sovereign. The appointment evolved in the reign of Queen Victoria out of the colonelcies of members of the Royal Family, and the ancient practice of monarchs bestowing royal titles on regiments (e.g. The Queen's Own). The modern Colonel-in-Chief may provide greater visibility and political clout than a Colonel of the Regiment or Honorary Colonel when lobbying in the interests of the Regiment.

The first Colonel-in-Chief chosen for a Canadian unit may have been the Duchess of Connaught for the 199th Battalion, CEF in April 1917.


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