Motor Battalion

A Motor Battalion was a specialized type of Infantry Battalion developed during the Second World War. Each Armoured Brigade of an Armoured Division by the end of 1943 had one such Motor battalion. The primary difference between a Motor battalion and a regular infantry battalion was that there was enough motorized transport to move every soldier in the unit.


  • Battalion Headquarters

    • Administration Platoon

    • Signals Platoon

    • Light Aid Detachment (RCEME)

    • Medical

  • Close Support Company

  • "A" Company

    • Company Headquarters

    • Carrier Platoon

    • 1 Platoon (4 x armoured halftrack)

    • 2 Platoon (4 x armoured halftrack)

    • 3 Platoon (4 x armoured halftrack)

  • "B" Company (as for "A" Company)

  • "C" Company (as for "A" Company)


Only two infantry battalions were organized as Motor Battalions overseas: 1999-present