Reconnaissance Regiment

The Reconnaissance Regiment was a tactical organization in the Second World War. Canada employed one such unit in each infantry division overseas. The two armoured divisions employed Armoured Reconnaissance Regiments, which were organized and equipped differently.

1st Canadian Infantry Division 4th Reconnaissance Regiment (4th Princess Louise Dragoon Guards)* 
2nd Canadian Infantry Division 8th Reconnaissance Regiment (14th Canadian Hussars)
3rd Canadian Infantry Division 7th Reconnaissance Regiment (17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars)

Between July 1944 and February 1945, the 4th P.L.D.G. was re-roled as an infantry unit.

There were also reconnaissance units in Canada, including reserve units and the 31st (Alberta) Reconnaissance Battalion, a reconnaissance unit of the 6th Canadian Division.

Order of Battle

  • Regimental Headquarters

  • Reconnaissance Squadron

    • Squadron Headquarters (1 Humber armoured car, 1 Reconnaissance Car)

    • Signal Troop

    • Light Aid Detachment, RCEME

    • Assault Troop (4 halftracks)

    • 1st Scout Troop

      • 6 Universal Carriers

      • 2 Humber Armoured Cars

      • 2 Humber Scout Cars

    • Scout Troop (as above)

    • Scout Trop (as above)

  • Reconnaissance Squadron (as above)

  • Reconnaissance Squadron (as above)

Total Strength

At full strength, the Regiment had 41 Officers and 755 Other Ranks. 1999-present