Unit Signs - Independent Armoured Brigade

Unit signs were a type of vehicle marking. The system of markings developed from early in the war, but underwent several changes before a relatively final form was reached in the mid-war period. The markings on this page reflect the late war period. The purpose of unit signs was to ensure efficient traffic control and assist in recognition. Unit signs consisted of a Serial, usually in white, painted over a coloured background denoting the Arm of Service or Brigade that the unit belonged to. The unit signs were originally carried in metal frames attached to vehicles, and later in the war painted directly onto the vehicles themselves, on the front and rear mudguard. More details are in the general article on "Vehicle Markings."

1st Canadian Armoured Brigade
(May 1945)

2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade
(May 1945)
Brigade Headquarters
1st Armoured Bde HQ

2nd Armoured Bde HQ
Brigade Signals
1 Armoured Brigade Signals

2 Armoured Brigade Signals
3 Provost Company

Provost Company
Senior Regiment in Brigade
11th Canadian Armoured Regiment
(The Ontario Regiment)

6th Canadian Armoured Regiment
(1st Hussars)
Middle Regiment in Brigade
12th Canadian Armoured Regiment
(Three Rivers Regiment)

10th Canadian Armoured Regiment
(The Fort Garry Horse)
Junior Regiment in Brigade
14th Canadian Armoured Regiment
(The Calgary Regiment)

27th Canadian Armoured Regiment
Sherbrooke Fusilier Regiment)
1st Armoured Brigade Company, RCASC

2nd Armoured Brigade Company, RCASC
1st Armoured Brigade Ordnance Field Park, RCOC

No. 2 Ordnance Field Park, RCOC
Tank Brigade Workshop, RCEME

2nd Armoured Brigade Workshop, RCEME
2nd Light Field Ambulance, RCAMC

No. 17 Field Ambulance, RCAMC


Infantrymen of The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry aboard a Sherman tank of en route to Groningen, Netherlands, on 13 April 1945. Unit and Formation Signs of The Fort Garry Horse are visible. The Tactical Signs of a yellow square indicates the vehicle is from "B" Squadron.


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