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C1 105mm Howitzer

Canada officially adopted the C1 105mm Howitzer as a replacement for the 25-pounder Gun on 11 Sep 1956. The weapon was an adaptation of the US-designed 105mm Howitzer M2A1. The Canadian Army continued to use the C1 Howitzer unaltered from its original M2A1 configuration until 1997 when a modification was made to extend its service life. The new weapons were designated the C3 105mm Howitzer, and included a longer barrel, muzzle brake, reinforced trails and the removal of shield flaps.

C1 Howitzer. DND Photo.


Canada's requirement for a gun to equip its Field Regiments was 649 guns just for units serving in Canada. In Sep 1948, it was felt postwar requirements would necessitate a total of 771 guns. As part of a NATO standardization, Canada decided to replace the 25-pounder with a 105mm weapon. As well, as aid to other NATO countries Canada divested itself of 168 25-pounder guns which, along with stocks of ammunition, went to other militaries within the alliance. Canada ceased production of 25-pounder ammunition in Jul 1953, and the 27th Canadian Brigade went to Germany with US 105mm guns.


  • Weight: 2,260 kg (4 980 lb)

  • Length: 5.94 m (19.5 ft)

  • Barrel length: 22 calibre: 2.31 m (7.58 ft)

  • Width: 2.21 m (7.25 ft)

  • Height: 1.73 m (5.66 ft)

  • Calibre: 105 mm

  • Elevation: -5' to +66'

  • Traverse: 46'

  • Muzzle velocity: 472 m/s (1 548 ft/s)

  • Maximum range: 11,270 m (6.9 miles)


The M135 Truck was used to pull the C1 Howitzer, later replaced with the Medium Logistics Vehicle, Wheeled.

C1 Howitzers with M135 gun tractors. Ed Storey Photo.


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