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LG1 C1 105mm Howitzer

The LG1 C1 105mm Howitzer was adopted for use by light infantry battalions in the late 1990s. Known as the LG1 C1, or also as the LG1 Mark II, this gun was produced by Giat Industries of France. The first guns were delivered in 1996 and deployed directly to Bosnia with fielding completed by Nov 1997.

The LG1 howitzer featured low weight and a high level of accuracy over long distance. However, the lightweight construction gave the barrel a relatively short lifespan. The vehicles could fire out to 18,000 metres.

LG1 configured for travel. DND Photo.


  • Length: 6.7 m

  • Width: 4 m open trails

  • Height: up to 3 m when deployed

  • Weight: 1.5 t

  • Range: 18.5 km

  • Muzzle velocity: 490 m/sec at full charge

  • Traverse/Elevation Barrel can be elevated or depressed and can traverse left or right 360 degrees.

  • Barrel: 105-mm with a barrel length of 30 calibres and progressive right hand direction of twist

  • Recoil mechanism: Hydropneumatic

  • Retractable firing platform

  • Incorporates trail opening and closing hydraulic pump

LG1 C1 of SFOR photographed in 2003. DND Photo, Cpl Grant Rivalin.

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